Friday, March 11, 2011

Repaired Paint by Number Paintings

It's so concerning what's happening in Japan today, my heart goes out to every one there.  I thought sharing some art would lift spirits.  Here are three paint by number oil paintings that I found in the shed of our home when we moved in 14 years ago.  I almost threw them away because they were dirty and scuffed up but decided to bring them in the house.  At first I thought there were only 2 paintings because one was stuck to the back of another.  It was only when I decided to repair them last October that I discovered there were actually 3 paintings.  I had intended to just touch up the damaged areas but was unable to get an exact color match.  Mixing the paints was extremely tedious and time consuming for me.  I have no real experience other than a high school art class and watching Bob Ross on TV and his instructional videos.  I've done a handful of oil paintings, nothing spectacular.  I ended up repainting everything with colors I mixed and here are the results.

This one is my favorite.  I had already started repainting the background when I took the before picture.

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