Friday, January 21, 2011

Cardinal Rescue

The day after Christmas this unfortunate female Cardinal flew into our living room window.  A few seconds later her mate hit the window also.  The male flew off.  I grabbed my camera and took a quick picture of the female thinking she would fly off soon also.  She didn't.  After a couple minutes I grew concerned as it was very cold out that day with temperatures in the teens.  I went outside to check on her and she was blinking her eyes but not moving.  I slowly reached for her and gently picked her up.  She didn't struggle at all.  Even for an injured bird that was unusual.  She was very stunned.

I thought it would be best to bring her in out of the cold until she recovered.  I placed her in the box above, covered it with a plastic cake pan top, brought her in the house and waited.  After about ten minutes there was some rustling and when I came near the box she tried to get out.  I brought her outside and lifted the cover off the box and away she flew, off into the sky with my best wishes.  Hopefully she is okay.

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